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Raex Steel Plate2

Looking for abrasion resistant steel which offers hardness as well as impact toughness. In that case, abrasion-resistant RAEX steel plate/sheet will be the perfect option for you. The plate thicknesses of RAEX steel ranges from 2 mm up to 80 mm.

ABRASION/WEAR RESISTANT steel helps you enhance the lifespan of machinery, Yellow Equipment’s, Vehicles like Tipper, decrease wear in structural components as well as save costs.
Mainly used to produce buckets in Mining Industry, heavy machine parts, platform structures, Forks, and more. This is good quality steel which is used in various applications of mechanical engineering like heavy lifting, transportation and mining instruments. Raex steel is a product which is suitable for a variety of applications like mining, quarrying, conveyors, material handling and construction, as well as earthmoving. The benefits of employing wear-resistant RAEX plates in applications involving impact and/or sliding contact with abrasive material are immense.
Some of the key advantages of using a Raex steel plate is that it allows you to create lightweight products and help you enhance the life of machinery or equipment it is used in. This steel also has an innovative design and helps to improve energy efficiency as well.
Types of Raex that we deal in:

  • Raex 300
  • Raex 400
  • Raex 450
  • Raex 500

Raex steel has good properties for Cutting, Welding and forming
Below are some details about wear plates usage:

  • Cold Forming: The Raex steel we manufacture can be cold formed up to the thickness of 20mm. The forming temperature must be a minimum of +20°C and a maximum of +200°C in this case
  • Mechanical Cutting: This is a complex task as the plate is almost as hard as the cutting blade. But still the steel can be cut mechanically. The most recommended tool for this kind of cutting is straight cutting tool.

SteelForce has large quantities of Raex plate in stock with different thicknesses and you can consider us as one of the largest suppliers of Raex steel in the entire UAE/Middle East. As the Gulf is a market where the climate and work conditions are hard, therefore these steel plates have been stocked by SteelForce for long service life in extreme conditions.

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